Cerramos el año de manera magnífica ganando las cuatro últimas fechas

Luis Pérez Companc . This was a race with a lot of intelligence. We made the difference in the first three specials of the first stage and then we were able to regulate the march in a very complicated terrain and that is very prone to make mistakes. We closed the year in a magnificent way winning the last four dates I hope it will be the announcement of a much better start to 2005 than it was the beginning of this year that ends

Federico Villagra . We were surprised by the two foreign pilots Diego Domínguez and Ramón Ferreyros. The truth is that we saw the whole rally very played and just over the end could twist the balance in my favor. It feels good to run like this, since without the pressure to think about the points of the championship, we did a thorough race. For next year there are many plans that in the coming days can be defined.

Ramón Ferreyros . The rhythm of the Argentine Championship is spectacular and in this dates were added pilots, like the Paraguayan Diego Domínguez, that gave even more level to the race. How will this be so one prime was second behind Perez Companc the next I was fourth. In the end, the third place leaves me satisfied and if things are as we have planned, next year we will return to run the entire season in the South American Championship, although we will in Group N Class 4.

Luciano Bernardi . For me it is a very important achievement to have been able to reach my first national title. The Ligth Cup this year had many riders who did their best to reach the most important level. That is why for me it is not a consolation prize, but I am proud to have achieved what I achieved. “

Roberto Sánchez , “I think with the running of the dates we have been able to reach the competitive pace we had lost in the first half of the year that we were not in the category. We still have a bit to be able to be at 100 percent, but the result Which we obtained in Punta del Este leaves us very satisfied. Next year we will return to try to fight for the Championship “

FERNÁNDEZ, CORONADO CHAMPION. What had been announced for a couple of dates came to fruition in the last one. Just in his home, the Uruguayan Javier Fernandez, with the Hyundai Coupé Kit Car, managed to be crowned Champion of the Class A Group 7. The division was won by the fast Clio Williams of Ricardo Albertengo, but the Eastern one added the necessary points to be crowned in home. The other title contender, Carlos Acotto, had many problems and finished third but very far from the point.

In the A6, Tato Boago showed why he is the champion. He won with authority and added a new victory in his sports campaign. The La Riojan Omar Yoma was his escort in the last presentation before debuting with a Subaru of the Barattero in the next season. In remarkable work, the Cordoba of Arroyito, Pablo Maranzana won brilliantly the N3. With much intelligence the driver of the Clio Sport managed his resources in the first stages of the race while his rivals were on the sidelines.